Speaking at NSO!

Pretty awesome news! I was picked by my professors to be the speaker at this year’s new student orientation for the credential program! I feel very honored to be given the chance to impart my experience thus far in the credential program to all the incoming newbie teachers. Man oh man they have no idea what’s coming…….

Just kidding, it’s a wonderful program and I have garnered so much more knowledge than I ever thought I would. Although what I truly learned the most from, is without a doubt, from actually teaching in the field with the students in person. However, I would not have had the opportunity to do so without the credential program. I learned a cornucopia of theories, applied many of them, and realized what theories worked and what did not work. I did indeed find that many theories were not as applicable to real life teaching, but that’s true in any field of study.

I have no formulated my speech yet but I am super eager to share all that I’ve learned, because I remember specifically being in that NSO lecture listening to someone else’s experience and being in awe. I am incredibly excited for the role to be reversed!

Shadi Safi

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