The bane of any teacher’s existence

Everyonnnneee knows that arguably the worst part of teaching is, without a doubt….. GRADING. As the semester approaches its end, the grading is so much worse! It’s just project after project, assignment after assignment, and packet after packet; all of these adding up and culminating to a whoooole lot of hours spent grading. It makes me realize how much I do not want to assign paperwork assignments when I become a full fledged teacher. I will likely assign most of my assignments on Google Classroom to be done online, so that the automated system can do most, if not all the grading for me. There are copious programs that allow you to integrate a self-grading protocol.

The more time I spend grading, the more I realize how much more efficient I can be if I had the autonomy to structure my own classroom the way I want. On a side note, this is the last week of the credential program and then I am DONE!

Good luck on finals everyone!

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